Information about the course

  • Level: postbachelor
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Study costs: € 1.295,=
  • Start date: March 25, 2019
  • Course location: Breda


During this course you will learn to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of tools that are used in the online process control. This is done on the basis of basic chromatographic principles, the construction of instruments, injectors, detectors, columns and column switching techniques. You acquire these new skills not only from the theory, but you also apply them directly during practical assignments in our laboratory.

This course is composed and is carried out by specialists from Avans+ and Actemium.

Target group

You have done at least the course Introduction to capillary GC (level 1) or have evidently comparable experience. You work with online gas chromatographs in process chemistry and regularly carry out preventive and/or corrective maintenance. Some basic knowledge of chemistry and experience in maintaining online gas chromatographs is recommended, but also inexperienced technicians can take part in this course.

End result

After completing this course you will be able to describe the chromatographic separation process and select and set the right conditions for the column. You can also optimize a column switching system and correct the switching times. You can carry out the maintenance of switch valves independently.


Day 1 (March 25, 2019):

  • Flow and pressure control: various types of injection valves and their operation.
  • Detectors: principles and practice.
  • Practical sessions

Day 2 (March 26, 2019):

  • Column switching techniques: backflush, heart-cut, parking and pressure switching, including live-T switching.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis: validation, calibration, normalized 100% method, peak identification and peak integration.
  • Practical sessions

More information

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